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Preparing to sell a home in Morristown

Morristown, NJ. Houses do not sell themselves. But with a little tenderness and a few touches of enhancement, your house could easily outshine the rest of its competition. Read on to know the tips I give to homeowners whenever I help them sell their house in Morristown. 

Remember preparing for that job interview. You don’t want to come to it unprepared nor would you want to over-sell yourself least you’ll set yourself up for a quick exit. Knowing which part of your house you want to highlight and improve is as important as an investment as the whole house. 

Upgrade Tip #1: Don’t over upgrade.

Minor fixes and upgrades pay-off higher than total overhauls. Gigantic makeovers rarely get a return of investment unless you are renovating a really cheap house. Whenever you are thinking of an upgrade or a fix for selling purposes keep in mind two things – will this fix/upgrade give my house an obvious higher value or not? And the other thing is – is the upgrade or fix essential to make my house livable?

If the answer to any of those is NO then you might want to deprioritize that fix or upgrade when you need it most. Those things can be part of an icing to the closing deal. But only then.

Upgrade Tip #2: Fresh coated your walls.
A new paint for your walls is very important to home buyers. Use a base ground color and a relatively lighter paint color as it eases the mood and enhances creativity. 

Part of coating your walls fresh is putting in curtains. Either buy new cheap ones or clean your older ones. Make sure your curtains are not too heavy looking. Instead, find a curtain that allows a portion of light to enter. It gives the deception of a room being bigger than it really is.

Upgrade Tip #3: Handle handles with care.
Make sure your handles are well taken cared of. There shouldn’t be any cabinets or doors with dirty and non-working knobs or handles. Fix water leaks and confirm that they work as expected. These fixes don’t cost much but have good returns. Buyers get the idea that the house is well taken cared of when all handles are well taken cared of too.

Additional Upgrade PRO Tip: Upgrade your kitchen.
Countertops may cost a thousand dollars but kitchens are well-priced portions of a house. A new cabinet hardware, updated countertops, and fancy kitchenware are all good investments when trying to sell your house.

But if you don’t have the time or resource, invest instead in one fancy stainless steel appliance. Yes, just one. Because it will be the shining light in your kitchen and when people see one high-end steel appliance they keep in mind that the rest of the kitchen is high-end too.

For more tips on selling your Morristown house, come back next week as I will tackle other preparations needed to make your house ready to sell. Do you want help selling your home in Morristown? Feel free to contact me via email or commenting down below.



Tips for preparing your home for sale in Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge, NJ – – Lately, I’ve met a lot of people asking help regarding how to sell their home in Basking Ridge. After checking out their homes, I give them a list of improvements and preparations to do. In case you might also want to sell your home, I am sharing with you these three tips below which you can start working on.

Let’s start with exteriors.

Why? The exterior of your home is your first impression. And no one can ever get a second chance on having a first impression. Before potential buyers can even get a look at your home’s magnificent interiors or your state of the art kitchen, your house is already judged and categorized by the first look.

Home Selling Tip for Exteriors #1: The Curb Appeal

Is your path walk to the door inviting and welcoming or does it lead to the graveyard? Any real estate agent who truly wants to help you will tell you that your home must have the "Curb Appeal". 

There are many ways to have it and one is by adding life to your pathways. Buy some in-expensive shrubs and flowering plants. Know which season of the year that such flowering plant will blossom and use it accordingly

Home Selling Tip for Exteriors #2: Safety to Security

The next thing to look into is the exterior safety. When potential buyers want what they see they will march to your doors with enthusiasm rather than with caution. What you want to do is make sure that pathways do not trip them off.

Check if you have oddly spaced path walks or unevenly spaced stairs. If you do, you need to make that easier for walking. Clean up pieces of pebbles on smooth surfaces that may cause someone to trip. Remove or remodel pointy fence which is lesser than 2-feet tall. The feeling of security is very important to buyers. You should be able to imagine a child running around safely on that front walk.

Home Selling Tip for Exteriors #3: The Warm Welcome

Let your house speak for itself right at the door entry. Create a welcoming space to get people to settle in. A small bench would suffice. For a homey feel, you may add a small table for keys, mails and fresh flowers. Make space for a coat or bag hanger. Add a cookie jar with fresh cookies for your potential buyers. Sugar helps create a sense of positivity to those who consume it.

DO NOT put your personal family portrait upon the entrance. Visitors might mistake it as you have a great attachment to it and would not want them to buy your house.

With all these exterior tips, your home is a step closer to being sold. Stand by next week for another set of tips. If you want help selling your homes in Basking Ridge, feel free to contact me through comments below or by phone or email.

Veterans received more than $7,000 from Basking Ridge Business Alliance

Basking Ridge, NJ – Compassion is well felt in the air as the Basking Ridge Business Alliance formally endorsed two checks, each amounting to $3,565, to two veteran services this week. The recipients were Elks National Veteran Services and MTI Integrated Business Development who with their representatives received with grateful hearts the help from the alliance.

The Business Alliance had an event entitled Military Appreciation and History Day which was held last June 2 in the township. The proceeds from the event, those from generous event sponsors and even after it was totaled and divided equally between the two veteran services. When asked regarding the event, Greg Toombs, president of the Basking Ridge Business Alliance has this to say; “What a pleasure to give the proceeds of the Military Appreciation & History Day to two such deserving groups!”

If you feel like it, you may also give to the said veteran services through their contact details below:

  • MTI Integrated Business Development
    • You may visit their office located at 151 Knollcroft Rd, Building 53, Room W-4, Lyons, NJ
    • You may call 908-647-0180 ex 1-8521


  • Elks National Veterans Services
    • You may visit them at their headquarters at 2750 North Lakeview Avenue Chicago, IL
    • You may call 773/755-4736
    • Email them at
    • Visit their site to know more -

If you want to join the Basking Ridge Business Alliance you may visit them at the 5 Lyons Mall, # 325 Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920. You may also call them on this number: +1 908-758-3242 or visit their site -

Discover Morristown Walking Tours

Morristown, NJ – If you are looking for an intellectually different type of activity in the next coming weekends in the Morris County area, then the Morristown Walking Tours should be in your top choices. Take time to walk, enjoy the scenic views and know the rich history behind their architecture and culture.

These events are also good moments to expand your connections, meet potential friends and neighbors. Choose your pick among the three available walking tours in the next coming weeks.

The Colonial Walking Tour – July 21, 10 AM

The first walking tour to take place is The Colonial Walking Tour. Here you will rediscover the origin and culture of downtown Morristown with local historian, Alexander Hamilton and local expert, Pat Sanftner. Get to visit the  Revolutionary War sites along with your date or your family and hear of the stories of bravery, courage, and love of country that was displayed during the Continental Army's time in Morristown which lasted two winter encampments.

Curator's Presentation: Presidents and First Ladies – July 28, 10 AM

On the last Saturday of July, you may attend the Curator’s Presentation about the Presidents and First Ladies. You will walk through the Morristown National Historical Park and museum while learning of the rich archives and collections associated with American Presidents and first ladies. Dr. Jude Pfister, Chief of Cultural Resources and author, will personally present the items and the stories behind them.

In this program, you’ll get to explore the prominent people’s activities in their individual time periods by the display and discussion of extremely fascinating articles and pieces which never see the light of day. 

The Victorian Morristown Walking Tour – Aug 4, 11 AM

On the first Saturday of August, you can join the Victorian Morristown Walking Tour. In this tour, you get to see and hear about one of the grandest periods in Morristown's 300-year plus history, known as the Victorian Morristown.
A local expert in this period, Ann Kurlander, will be your guide. You will get to walk through the Historic District of Morristown. You will get to visit residential and commercial buildings that were built in the year 1850-1910 and learn of the customs that they had back then. You will also know of the history behind the houses know in Morristown as the “painted ladies”.

All tours are organized by The Morris County Tourism Bureau and it will start at their office which is located at 6 Court Street Morristown, NJ 07960. Each schedule is limited to 30 participants and lasts about an hour. Registration cost for any of the walking tours is 15$. For more info please call 973-631-5151.

Traditional Independence Day 2018 Celebrations at Morristown and Mendham

Morristown, NJ – The 4th of July is celebrated in various ways in New Jersey. There are those who are not so fond of the fireworks and the smoke and the traditional way appeals more to them. Good thing Morristown plans exactly that for this 2018 Independence Day.

Relive our history, its importance and reminisce the great amount of heroism that it takes to arrive at the original 4th of July event. Morristown’s Independence Day celebration will show you through the whole scene that you might no longer see in movies.  Bring your family and friends to Morristown Green at 10 N Park Pl, Morristown, NJ. Old folk music and musket salute will greet you as you arrive in Morristown’s annual reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The whole re-enactment will happen on the noon of July 4. After which there will be a free guided tour to the church and colonial-era graveyard.

Mandham, NJ - Also, if you want a more simple celebration you want to drive to Mendham. Their celebration will start with an invocation followed by the raising of the American flag. Then a short parade around the Brookside Community Club will follow.

Know any other events in Morristown? Feel free to comment them down below.


Summer 2018 Events and Schedule that You Shouldn’t Miss in Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge, NJ – Wonder and outdoor adventure awaits the whole family this summer in Basking Ridge. The EEC(Environment Education Center) has prepared a whole lot of nature engaging explorations and activities for the young ones and the once young.

For this post, we will tackle the schedule for the first two weeks of July. Take a good look at the schedule. Every box with an event contains, the name of the event, target participants, details on registration (FREE and with $), time of the event, and course codes (for those that needs EEC registrations), respectively.

Located at 190 Lord Stirling Road in Basking Ridge, the park’s team of Naturalist gives a bit of description on a few of the activities they prepared for visitors and residents in Somerset County and nearby areas. Here are some descriptions of next week’s coming attractions:

A Hummingbird’s Life [10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Monday, July 2 at EEC Room 13]

See how the hummingbird travels back north and back into the swamps to lay its eggs. Experience this little bird’s journey and its challenges as it returns for spring after being out for the winter. 

Registration: $10 per child and parent, $5 for every additional child

Meet a Lot of Feet [ 3 PM – 4 PM Thursday, July 5]

Targeted for children ages 4 – 6, this is activity allows young kids to meet different animals with different number of legs (two, four and six legs). They will also know of the various important roles that the animals have for the  improvement of the ecosystem.

Registration: 6$ per person

Fort Indiantown Gap [6:30 AM – 4 PM Saturday, July 7]

Bring your children ages 13 and above to this whole day tour to explore the unique Fort Indiantown Gap. This
area of the military base is open only 4 times a year to the public. There you can feast your eyes on
interesting bird species, rare plants, and the stunning Regal Fritillary butterfly.
Registration: $50 for adults, 40$ for seniors and students

Summer Garden Strolls for All Ages [10 AM – 11 AM Sunday, July 8 at EEC Grounds]

Stroll with a Naturalist through the Discovery Gardens and expand your knowledge about types of gardens and  the unique plants they have. No registration is required as this program is free. 

Subscribe to our blog now to get more firsthand buzz, insights, schedules, events and everything you need to know about Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

If you have not been following our blogs or have not been to EEC lately, here’s what you’ve been missing out so far.

Independence Day 2018 Fireworks Schedule for Somerset County

Basking Ridge, NJ – Make new memories and reminisce the great ones with family and friends as you watch the 2018  Independence Day fireworks in different places around the Somerset Country.

Growing up, the Fourth of July, Independence Day fireworks is one those memories that I hold very dear. I mean, aside from infants who want to sleep all day, who do not want to stay out at night with friends and family and just watch the awesome night sky spectacle? 

Not only does that happen in summer where all the fun stories happen but waiting for the fireworks just allow all the memories and new bonds to settle in. Sitting around the grasslands with good folks and neighbors watching the re-enactments, laughing at some relatives, and just waiting for the first firework splash to happen also reminds me of those quality times I have with my family.

So here’s your chance to bring the family out together. If you are living in the Somerset Country area, there should be one just near you. Here below are the schedules for the well awaited Independence Day 2018 fireworks and night of music, food, and drinks!

Franklin Township – The place is less than half an hour drive moving south from Basking Ridge. They have a schedule this Tuesday, July 3, 2018 (rain date: Friday, July 6, 2018). 

The event will take place in Franklin Township Municipal Complex in 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset, NJ. A variety show program will start at 6:00 PM and peak with the fireworks at around 9:15 PM. You may bring your own food in your trucks and some beach chairs and


  •  Sampson G. Smith School
  • Franklin Township Municipal Lot
  • Franklin Township Board of Education Lot

Bridgewater – Just a 17-minute drive south of Basking Ridge, Bridgewater has two available dates of fireworks with baseball:

  • Friday, July 6
  • Saturday, July 7

The games will happen in the TD Bank Ballpark at 1 Patriots Park Bridgewater, NJ 08807. Not only will you see fireworks at 7:05 PM but you can also watch the baseball game between Somerset Patriots and the visiting teams.

Know any other events near Basking Ridge? Feel free to comment them down below.



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