Morristown, NJ. Houses do not sell themselves. But with a little tenderness and a few touches of enhancement, your house could easily outshine the rest of its competition. Read on to know the tips I give to homeowners whenever I help them sell their house in Morristown. 

Remember preparing for that job interview. You don’t want to come to it unprepared nor would you want to over-sell yourself least you’ll set yourself up for a quick exit. Knowing which part of your house you want to highlight and improve is as important as an investment as the whole house. 

Upgrade Tip #1: Don’t over upgrade.

Minor fixes and upgrades pay-off higher than total overhauls. Gigantic makeovers rarely get a return of investment unless you are renovating a really cheap house. Whenever you are thinking of an upgrade or a fix for selling purposes keep in mind two things – will this fix/upgrade give my house an obvious higher value or not? And the other thing is – is the upgrade or fix essential to make my house livable?

If the answer to any of those is NO then you might want to deprioritize that fix or upgrade when you need it most. Those things can be part of an icing to the closing deal. But only then.

Upgrade Tip #2: Fresh coated your walls.
A new paint for your walls is very important to home buyers. Use a base ground color and a relatively lighter paint color as it eases the mood and enhances creativity. 

Part of coating your walls fresh is putting in curtains. Either buy new cheap ones or clean your older ones. Make sure your curtains are not too heavy looking. Instead, find a curtain that allows a portion of light to enter. It gives the deception of a room being bigger than it really is.

Upgrade Tip #3: Handle handles with care.
Make sure your handles are well taken cared of. There shouldn’t be any cabinets or doors with dirty and non-working knobs or handles. Fix water leaks and confirm that they work as expected. These fixes don’t cost much but have good returns. Buyers get the idea that the house is well taken cared of when all handles are well taken cared of too.

Additional Upgrade PRO Tip: Upgrade your kitchen.
Countertops may cost a thousand dollars but kitchens are well-priced portions of a house. A new cabinet hardware, updated countertops, and fancy kitchenware are all good investments when trying to sell your house.

But if you don’t have the time or resource, invest instead in one fancy stainless steel appliance. Yes, just one. Because it will be the shining light in your kitchen and when people see one high-end steel appliance they keep in mind that the rest of the kitchen is high-end too.

For more tips on selling your Morristown house, come back next week as I will tackle other preparations needed to make your house ready to sell. Do you want help selling your home in Morristown? Feel free to contact me via email or commenting down below.