Selling a house can seem overwhelming for sure. There are boxes to pack, meetings
with a relator to attend, showings to straighten up for, and the uncertainty of when the right buyer will come along.

Here are some tips that will, without a doubt, help you improve the photos of your home, and have it appeal to more buyers who are used to seeing staged homes today. If you feel you cannot do this, I can certainly help you. I offer a free home staging consultation with a professional Home Stager before you actually list your home. We will look at each room and make suggestions that will improve them and your home overall. Hopefully, you can incorporate some of these tips to help your home sell faster and for the highest possible price.

Boost your curb appeal. Typically, a potential buyer’s first reaction of your house is
the outside, whether it be driving by the house or walking to the front door for a tour. In order to make a great first impression, ensure that your house is ready and looking good for curious onlookers. A few things you can do to boost curb appeal include mowing the lawn, planting flowers, installing easy-to-read house numbers, and adding front door décor like a wreath or potted plants. Repair any chipping paint and mulch. Often a fresh coat of door paint can go a very long way to increasing your homes outside appearance.

1. Clear your clutter. Most people are interested in seeing a tidy living
space. Remove clutter from your house and either store your extra belongings in onsite storage or rent a storage space. While organizing can take time and effort, it will be well worth it to clear up your space. Buyers are used to seeing staged homes and do not like to see clutter when viewing a home.

2. Depersonalize. If you’re the sentimental type and have picture frames and personal knick-knacks throughout your home, it may be worth considering storing them while potential buyer’s tour. Buyers want to be able
to imagine themselves living there and depersonalizing your living space helps to give them a more accurate feel of what their home may look like. You must pack eventually so begin with these items and pack them for your move.

3. Rearrange your rooms if necessary. A certain arrangement may work
for you, but it may not be as attractive to potential buyers. Rearrange your furniture so that it is symmetrical and visually appealing. Also, it is commonly thought that effective staging means pushing furniture against the walls, but that is rarely the case. Try instead to float furniture away from walls and in a way that makes the flow of the room more obvious and unobstructed.

4. Stage important rooms first. Focus on the rooms that have the highest amount of traffic. Buyers typically put a high priority on the kitchen, living room, family room and master bedroom. Remove huge furniture or extra furniture that takes up space so rooms look larger. New clean bedding makes a huge impact and is inexpensive. I can provide lots of guidance on all these elements. You
want a clean, uncluttered look.

5. Aim for a light look. A brighter home is more appealing. A few ways you
can brighten your living space include updating light fixtures, especially in rooms that may not get as much natural light, and opening window treatments and drapes when your house is being shown. Changing yellow bulbs to blue makes an enormous difference so do this with all your fixtures
especially recessed lighting.

6. Go for neutrals. While yellow may be your color, this may not be the opinion of others and seen as an additional update they would need to make to the house. A sophisticated, color pallet makes a home look ready for new buyers. This could require painting, especially in those high-priority rooms, but it will be well worth it. Greige colors are very popular and the more rooms
on your main level that are the same color – the better to a buyer. Paint goes such a long way in making a home look fresh and updated, not to mention

7. Add fresh flowers. It’s all about the little details when it comes to staging your home. Adding fresh flowers or orchid plants throughout your home not only gives a nice floral scent, but flowers are seen to be homier and more welcoming.

8. Finish minor repairs. You know those little projects that you’ve been adding to your list of to-dos but never seem to have the time to get around to them? It may be time to check them off. While you may be able to ignore that loose doorknob or scratch on the wall, you don’t want a potential buyer to
question their decision based on something insignificant. We can talk about these items during your staging consult.

9. Clean. You want your house to shine for potential buyers, from the ceiling to the baseboards. Seeing a clean home suggests to buyers that you care about and have taken good care of the property, something that is seen as a significant positive. This includes window cleaning to make your home sparkle even more and let more light shine in. It is reasonably inexpensive
but makes a huge difference.

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