I have been in sales my entire adult life. Prior to my transition into real estate, I held a sales position with an international marketing company and built a substantial portfolio of notable clientele. We produced high-end corporate marketing materials for fortune 500 clients such as Disney, Sony, Price Waterhouse, and more. My clients were demanding but also appreciative of my knowledge, problem solving abilities, and meeting critical deadlines.


In time, the opportunity to consider real estate sales became very appealing as my son was also getting older and I wanted to spend more time with him. Working in such a high stakes environment with extremely demanding clients provided a great foundation for my real estate career. What I didn’t know was how much I would absolutely fall in love with it. By understanding that so much of the real estate transaction is a personal and emotional journey for each client, I work very hard to help them find the joy in buying or selling a home and appreciate the changes that it may bring to their lives.


Real estate is very rewarding. There is nothing quite like building new relationships with people and understanding their stories and their needs. To a buyer or seller real estate is surely overwhelming but I excel at guiding people through the buying process and helping them make good decisions in the quest to find a great home. I also love staging the homes I sell.  By just making small cosmetic changes to a home, it can not only transform it but also add so much value and make a huge difference in the sales price. Along with staging I provide outstanding marketing, both digital and print, have a great work ethic, strong negotiating skills, and deliver unparalleled service to my clients. Most importantly, I value relationships more than transactions. My clients are my family and each one enriches my life in a different way. I always look forward to building new relationships and creating new stories with them.