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Adrienne helped my wife and I buy our dream home. I am writing this testimonial as an honest review. We closed on our home approximately 6 weeks ago; the initial euphoria and the adrenaline have now subsided, and so this review is an honest assessment of my experience being a first time homeowner and working with Adrienne. I highly recommend Adrienne. Especially if you are new to this process, and need someone to give you the right feedback and advice, I recommend her doubly so. She was my agent during the home buying process, and I can tell you that she fought for me and my interests every step of the way, right from looking for a home through to after closing. She made what is inherently a very complicated, lengthy, and opaque process a breeze. What makes Adrienne so good? When I started doing “research”, which is basically reading articles on the internet about the home buying process in New Jersey, I was left with a whole bunch of questions about mortgages, home inspections, legalities involved, and whatnot. I found Adrienne’s information on Zillow and reached out to her. If memory serves me right, she spent over 2 hours spread across 3-4 phone calls just answering my questions. Note that I did not “sign-up” with her. Never did she even mention representing me. She was there to help. There was no pressure of “let’s meet and talk”, or “let me show you a few houses that I have”. And that’s what me and my wife love about Adrienne: she’s there for you and not merely for your business. Through the whole process, Adrienne was never more than a text message or phone call away. She was always available, and she always gave the advice that was right for me, which included pointing out shortcomings of the property that were not evident to my eyes, even if it meant that I would walk away and she would not get to make the sale. Adrienne is fast, and she is highly motivated to get you your home once you have made a decision. In my case, she determined a competitive price, and made the first offer within 6 hours after we liked the house. 6 hours! She processed the counter offer, advised me on pros and cons of the counter, and then had verbal sign-off from the seller in 8 hours. Me and my wife went from “we love this house!” to “this is going to be our home” in a space of 8 hours. She worked over the weekend to get the formal offer out. We had signed acceptance in 24 hours! I also got access to Adrienne’s network of trusted attorneys, lenders, home inspectors, surveyors, and contractors. She gave me multiple options for each, and she urged me to find my own and compare rates and fees, which I did. I can tell you that Adrienne’s network gave me the best deals. They have worked with Adrienne for years, and every one of them turned out to be thorough professionals just like Adrienne. They have seemingly infinite patience to answer questions, guide you along the right path, and they will tell you if they don’t know the answer instead of giving you a convenient one. Along the way, Adrienne explained how the housing market, especially the buyer’s market works. Once again, she did not need to do this, but she did because I had questions and doubts. Her wealth of experience and knowledge about the central New Jersey housing market was invaluable to me. She not only negotiated a price that was very competitive, but she got me credits for house repairs that I would need to invest in once I moved in. Throughout the process, Adrienne sent me reminders if something was due from me. Second installment due? I had a reminder text from Adrienne. Home inspection schedule? There was another text. Adrienne’s involvement and help did not stop after closing. She gave me access to web based tools (for free!) that make setting up utilities, forwarding mail, and finding movers a snap. After I moved in, Adrienne stopped by to make sure that everything went smoothly (I have a 3 year old who makes the process very tough), and that there were no surprises waiting for us. She sent me a list of contractors, plumbers, roofers, and handymen just in case I needed any. At this point, she is more of a friend than my realtor. I cannot thank her enough for helping me and my family through this complicated process, and I would highly recommend you to get in touch with her. Remember, you can ask her all the questions you have without worrying about signing up. She will be there for you. Somindra Bhattacharya
This is the second time I have used Adrienne. She is an amazing realtor! She is your advocate! She fought hard for me, in a very difficult situation. She is the reason I am in a new home I love! She was responsive to my emails/texts and calls in a timely manner, most of the time very quickly. I have moved to many different homes, using many different realtors, Adrienne is the BEST I have worked with. I would recommend her to anyone. She is going to be helping my daughter buy her first home soon! She only had MY best interest at heart throughout the whole process. Terri Visintainer
After doing a lot of research, we selected Adrienne to help us both buy a new home and sell our current townhouse. It has been a great decision for us. Adrienne is so knowledgeable, responsive, organized and is always so on top of everything. When we originally met with Adrienne we had a general idea of what areas we were interested in (mainly the Morristown/Morris Township, Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Mendham etc areas) but still needed to really narrow it down. She was knowledgeable on all the areas we were looking at and give us some good insight you would never have known unless you really knew the real estate market in those areas (for example, who knew people in Basking Ridge tend to update their homes more frequently than those out in Mendham or that some neighborhoods in Morristown are way more pricy for what you get than some others even in that same town?) She showed us a bunch of homes we requested to see that matched some of our criteria but after hearing everything on our “wish list,” she was the one who really steered us towards a neighborhood thought could be a good fit for us which was where we ultimately found our new home. As far as the buying process went, there was a good deal of miscommunication between the seller’s agent and seller (at no fault of anyone on our buyer side) which could have resulted in us walking away from the house, but Adrienne helped us work through what was at times a difficult buying process to ultimately purchase a great house. She made sure to stay on top of us and all other parties involved with the real estate sale whether it be our attorney, the seller’s agent etc to make sure the process went as smoothly as possible and to hopefully avoid any delays with our closing date. For example, she pulled the permits for our new house and made sure to keep following up with the seller’s agent to make sure they closed out anything still outstanding before the closing date. She also made sure to nudge our attorney along to make sure everything was all set on that end by the closing date as well. As for the selling side, Adrienne was an invaluable resource to have. She gave us tons of staging, decluttering and cleaning tips (who knew how much of a difference having all your windows professionally cleaned, removing a few couches and a desk etc or having mums around as décor could make?)My husband was a little hesitant to make all the changes at first but even he was impressed after we followed all her suggestions and had the house all staged for sale. Our house looked great when it was time to take pictures and sell. It clearly worked as we were fortunate enough to have a full priced offer 20 days after we listed. What was also nice that she did was every time a realtor would show our house, Adrienne would follow up with them to get their thoughts and would forward along any feedback they gave to us. I can also share numerous examples of her going above and beyond what was expected of her as our real estate agent. One small example is related to the home next door to our new home. This home had been in foreclosure for sometime and the landscaping had become quite overgrown and unsightly. Literally within days of her becoming aware of this, she had contacted the homeowners association who had someone come out and mow. She also kept us updated on the foreclosure process of that house and notified us as soon as she saw it had been sold. She also reached out to the head of the homeowners association to find out if they do any neighborhood activities and had him put a flyer in our mailbox to invite us to the Halloween party they had. Even on the day we were closing Adrienne was giving us advise. She had recently repainted her house and even shared with us the names of all the colors she had used to help us decide on paint colors for our new home. As far as her responsiveness goes, we were pretty much always in text or email communication. We could always count on Adrienne to respond in a timely manner. This was even the case when she was on vacation in France while our house was listed. The offer on our house came into her sometime late on Saturday and she sent it along to us 3:30 am our time to make sure we had it in our inboxes first thing on the next morning. She was even texting us days later to make sure the attorney review process was going smoothly (really hope you actually got some time to relax while you were over there on vacation Adrienne!). Oh and if you ever need a contractor etc for anything, Adrienne more than likely knows someone who can help out (whether it be window cleaner, highly rated inspector, real estate attorney etc). Overall we cannot say enough about how much Adrienne helped in our home search and sale. Thanks for all your help, Adrienne! Nicole and Brent
I have purchased and sold a number of homes over the years, and used many different realtors. Adrienne Francis is the only realtor that I felt was actually looking out for my family's best interest. She guided us through the process of purchasing, inspections, permits, and recommended reliable, cost effective, companies and contractors. She was on top of everything, and kept me informed of all of her findings, one of which could have cost her the sale of the house. She was available days, nights, and weekends to answer questions, make phone calls, or even wait for contractors or deliveries. After closing, she continues to reach out to me offering her services to ensure a smooth transition into our new home. Working with Adrienne has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience! Thank you Adrienne! Robin Reifinger
I would highly recommend Adrienne to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She was extremely helpful and knew exactly what we were looking after getting to know us. She also listed and sold our condo in 3 days! We had been through the process with a previous realtor and it wasn't an enjoyable experience. After struggling with the process we found Adrienne and once we spoke to her, she made us extremely comfortable. I knew we would enjoy the experience and be less stressed during the process. Her expertise in the Morris/Essex county area was what really helped. She was able to find the home of our dreams in the perfect neighborhood. Adrienne wound up being not just our realtor, but a part of our family and I know we will thank her for many years to come.! Pat Malfettano
This is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Adrienne. She is a complete professional and ao easy to work with. She is knowledgable and was extremely helpful in pointing us toward the appropriate contractors. 5 stars for sure!! Patty Carbone
Adrienne Francis was an absolute joy to work with. As a first time seller and homeowner as a married couple my husband and I had many questions and hesitations. Adrienne was patient, sincere and always a phone call away. We appreciated her honesty and guidance as if we were her own family. When selling our condo she gave us useful and honest advice to make the needed renovations to sell in a timely manner. A few de cluttering suggestions and some amazing decorating tips allowed us to sell in three days. Looking at homes for us to purchase was an adventure as we were very particular as to what we were looking for. Adrienne was honest in pointing out the positives and negatives in everything we viewed. We viewed MANY homes until we found the perfect fit for our family. Not only did Adrienne embrace our needs, but she also took into account the needs of our dog. We would highly recommend Adrienne to anyone reading this review and promise you will not be disappointed. From million dollar homes to thousand dollar condos Adrienne turns everything into SOLD! Melissa Malfettano
Adrienne was friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and was able to anticipate our needs. She was very accommodating with our schedules, and made our selling experience stress-free. Alice Lunden
Adrienne was a consummate professional and a caring partner in the process of selling our home, beginning to end! She helped us stage our home beautifully and it sold in just a few weeks. Great to work with, and will tell you the truth about what you need to do. Needless to say, I give Adrienne Francis my HIGHEST recommendation! DBRosoff
Adrienne was wonderful to work with. She is a true real estate expert with great knowledge of the real estate market in Basking Ridge and the surrounding towns. She was always highly responsive to our questions, texts, emails, calls, etc. Kristen Huamani
My wife and I started the process of looking for our new home and it quickly became apparent that we had picked the perfect realtor for our needs. Adrienne came to us highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Her responsiveness and knowledge is second to none. She proved incredibly valuable in helping us with understanding the local towns and providing important information regarding schooling for our two young children. She put us in touch with parents in the area so that we could get insightful feedback to make informed decisions. Adrienne's expertise was also evident during the negotiation process. She guided us, and helped us come to major decisions regarding our future home. She was present every step of the way from finding the home, to recommending a qualified attorney for closing. She was at every inspection and walk through. She was very patient, and we never felt rushed or pressured during this process. On two different occasions other realtors who were showing homes for their clients stated, "Your realtor is really working for you." When you are her client she goes above and beyond to satisfy any question or need you might have. Adrienne is a class act and wealth of knowledge. She is at the top of her game. Perry Blatt
We were extremely fortunate to work with Adrienne and through her expertise found our dream home. Coming from the UK, we were unfamiliar with the house purchase process in the US. We started working with Adrienne late January 2014. She took the time to learn our tastes and quickly understood exactly what we were looking for. Through Adrienne's local expertise and advise she quickly homed on on our ideal property that ticked all our boxes. Through use of Adrienne's extensive contacts we were able to obtain a extremely competitive mortgage and close on our house in less that 2 months. Throughout the whole process, Adrienne was amazing, always pro-active and anticipating and fending off problems well before they could even have the opportunity to become issues! We would have no hesitation in recommending Adrienne - she is extremely professional and a delight to work with. Shane and Emma Henderson
We had listed our home with two previous realtors with zero success. The house sat on the market for over a year with the last one with no bids and no guidance from the agent. Feeling very defeated, we decided to try one more time and list with Adrienne and we could tell right away that she was going to get it sold. Her expert knowledge of the market and the area allowed us to price the home accurately and her superior staging techniques got people to notice. She was able to pinpoint exactly what buyers were looking for. Adrienne is appropriately aggressive and extremely determined to get the job done the right way. We were also very pleased with her constant communication with us and keeping us updated throughout the process. We are so grateful that we found her when we did. We were able to move on to a larger home to accommodate our growing family. We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Adrienne to anyone!! Ellen and Dave Johnson
I am writing this recommendation of Adrienne Francis with great pleasure. Adrienne has shown dedication, professionalism and attention to detail as my real estate agent. I can't say enough about her help to me all through the difficult time of selling my house and moving. When I first started working with Adrienne she said she would be with me every step of the way and she was. She was there for the little things as well as the big things. Adrienne's insight into selling my house was invaluable. She helped me price the house well, market the house and especially with her insight and support she helped me get the house ready for sale. With her help with staging my home, I sold the house in 6 days and received 3 full priced offers. Adrienne was there for me throughout the process-- from the marketing to the closing. She was always available to help and her help was invaluable. I was lucky to have Adrienne Francis as my realtor. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Joanne Borin
We could not be happier with the care and expert service we received from Adrienne! From the outset, she provided very clear recommendations and specific guidance on getting our home ready to present for sale, and her use of many different state-of-the-art tools offered us the widest possible exposure in the marketplace. We received so many comments from friends and colleagues on the quality of the online and print materials, and it was obvious that all her directions were based on simply getting the house properly presented and sold as quickly as possible. Adrienne’s insight to the local marketplace allowed us to find the exact price point to drive interest and maximize the number of showings. But, the proof is in the results. We received offers within the first two weeks, and with Adrienne’s help, had the sale signed and closed within 90 days of retaining her services – and at full price!! We offer this referral and recommendation without any reservations whatsoever, and most of all, consider ourselves fortunate to now have her as a friend! Joanne and Michael Barbara
Adrienne is a very professional Realtor with great knowledge of the area and market demands. Persistence and confidence were the two characteristics that made her stand out from the other agents as I went through my interview and selection process. However, it was here knowledge and professionalism that ultimately got my house sold in this tough market. A year ago, I listed my house with another Realty and agent but we were not successful in selling the house - the listing sat for six months with no offers. With Adrienne's guidance and support, we were able to sell the house within 30 days from re-listing. Adrienne had solid advice on what attracts the buyers and a realistic approach to handling the selling process. I highly recommend Adrienne! Niloo Baroumand
I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for your prompt, efficient, professional and warm guidance during the sale of my existing home and the purchase of the new one. As a business owner, the only way I could realize my dream of a larger home, was to move quickly. I did not want to be unduly distracted and jeopardize my client relationships. You moved the process at the pace I needed from day one. Your were attentive, creative, energetic and an advocate for me. You showed me how to stage my home. It was the most attractive of all 4 for sale in my complex at the time. It was on the market in 2 weeks from our first meeting and within 3 weeks I had two potential buyers bidding and a third who wanted to join in. My sale is the first Allen unit sold in 9 months. This move is a great financial and personal move for me. My final and excepted offer was 8% higher than the first offer I received. Thanks to your direction and work to make the deal happen I did wind up with substantially more money from the sale than I would have without your help. I work with a number of professionals in my business and your level of service far exceeded all of them! I can't possibly thank you enough." Cathy Hyland
"Relocating from one state to another is not on my list of favorite things, however after our experience with Adrienne Francis I would gladly do it again as long as she was the real estate agent representing us as a seller and a buyer. We recently relocated to the Basking Ridge area with her help and were so pleased with her professionalism, knowledge, recommendations and work ethic. It is rare to find a business these days that has such a dedicated employee who is nothing but helpful, always there with the right questions and the answers when needed. I felt as if Adrienne never left our side, representing our interest whether we were present or still back in our home state preparing for the move. We were always informed of every detail during our negotiations, Lawyer Review and closing, every step of the way. Her follow through was amazing and we never felt neglected. I can definitely say that Adrienne took a tough task and made it very user friendly." Ann and John Snyder
Over a year ago we met one of your agents, Adrienne Francis. After being exposed to a few other agents in the Somerset / Morris County territory, we realized immediately that we found a true professional. Our experience with the vast majority of agents left us with a somewhat cynical view of your industry. Typically, agents send you a barrage of badly chosen listings and fatigue if the buyer does not choose a home. Our initial meetings at the broker offices were meant to inform us of what was available and to express our wishes to Adrienne. We scheduled home viewings from there and she gained even more insight after we gave feedback on the homes we had viewed. She had a keen sense of what our desires and needs were although we didn’t always articulate them. Each subsequent home viewing was closer to our intended wishes and requirements for a home. We live very far (nearly 40 miles) from Somerset County and therefore Adrienne made it a point not to waste any of our time. She was always punctual, scheduled viewings in a timely manner and professionally dressed. Never a hair out of place! Of course her knowledge and experience are her greatest assets. Adrienne worked diligently to forward as much information as possible on relevant properties. As a sales representative myself, (in a different industry) we probe and then sometimes cajole prospects to buy our product or service. The challenge is to create a representation to convince the buyer the product will meet their wants and needs. She never relented despite our sometimes unreasonable requirements. I commend her incredible energy, professionalism and incredible knowledge of the real estate market in her chosen territories. Irene Michalos
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your help and guidance in finding our new home. While it isn't our first home, it is our first house, and your advice truly made the experience much smoother for us. Your expertise and quick perception of our tastes were such an asset in identifying only houses that were worth viewing. You knew immediately whether or not a house was something we were going to like. With our limited time and 'baggage', this was crucial in the process. Thank you again for all your help. We look forward to entertaining you on deck in the near future!" John and Corrie Thomas
"Dear Adrienne, We wanted to thank you so much for all your help over the last months. Home selling was more involved and stressful than I anticipated, and it was nice to be able to work with someone that we trusted. We appreciated that you were always available to talk things through, responsive to our needs and able to give us great advice throughout the whole process. We always felt that you were working in our best interest as opposed to just "trying to get the deal done". and I don't think we would have felt that way with many of the agents out there.You also have good negotiation skills which became evident in some of the latter stages of the process,and we appreciated that you never divulged more than was necessary. Also you have a great sense of style when it comes to interior decorating and arranging the outside of our home. This helped us a lot as we tried to prepare our home to sell. Overall, we were pleased we chose to work with you and we will happily recommend you to others........" Anna & Ed Forzani
"I understand you are in the relocation department so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly happy we were with Adrienne’s services. From the first time Adrienne and I spoke, she was incredibly helpful and informative regarding all the facets of life in Somerset County. Her expertise and knowledge of this market helped my family and I to find the perfect house in a community where we felt “at home” since the first day. She worked tirelessly on our behalf. Whenever I had a question or request, I had a response in an unprecedented timely manner. There were no bounds for what Adrienne would do to help us with our relocation. Even after our close last week,she was still helping us with services that we needed in our new home. She is truly a rare commodity in the customer service industry today. I would like to know that I speak from experience when it comes to moving and relocating. In the last 10 years, this home is our seventh place of residence. Within that time, this most recent move is our fourth relocation to a new state with my husband’s firm. Adrienne is the first agent in all these years that I would be proud to recommend to any of my friends or my husbands colleagues to relocate. In closing, I would like to add that Adrienne also found me a training and boarding facility for my horse. This may not seem like a major issue to you, however in my mind, finding the right barn to keep my horse at was second only to finding the best school for my children. Adrienne knew this because she truly listened to our needs......." Debra Sweeney
"Adrienne Francis was recommended to us by a satisfied customer. We have moved many times and were relocating from the Chicagoland area to New Jersey. From the moment we contacted her, she was friendly, approachable and professional. She made the effort to get to know my husband and I, explored our preferences and expectations and she actually paid attention to our responses and concerns. She really listened and planned according to our priorities. Those are hallmarks of an excellent real estate agent. She was very knowledgeable about the area and current trends and pricing of homes. She gave solid recommendations and feedback in response to our questions and concerns. She was fully involved in this journey with us from start to finish. We have had lots of experience with real estate agents and Adrienne is in the top tier of her profession. We would highly recommend her. Thanks, Adrienne." Jacque Benson
We are finally settled into our new home. I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the incredible work you did for us during the sale/buy process. Your follow-up, attention to detail, knowledge of the market and handling of even the smallest issue for us made the whole experience a pleasure. Your professionalism was first rate. Your guidance was essential and allowed us to realize our goals. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Having worked with many realtors before you, I can tell you first hand that you have moved to the top of my recommendation list at the firm..........." Steven M Resnick
Moving a large family is not an easy task. But from day one you knew exactly what we needed to do and helped us stage our home and remove clutter, you gave me a plan in which to follow so that I could remain organized and focused and you guided us through every step of the process. Your innovative marketing got our home sold fast (eliminating me having to keep it clean all the time) which was a great help to me. That was just to sell our current home. You also showed us through different properties and supplied us with information until we felt we knew where we wanted to live and you showed us home after home until we found the right one. Then you helped us through inspection issues, which in Bernardsville involved septic and well inspections through to closing. We could not have accomplished this without your guidance, you expertise, your professionalism and your negotiation skills, all which helped us buy the home we wanted. Having worked with other realtors in the past, you clearly are exceptional and we appreciated all your hard work. Thank you. Wendy and Greg Supron
"On the occasion of our one year anniversary of moving into our new home, I just wanted to put on record our deepest gratitude for the wonderful efforts that you put into the sale of our previous townhouse, the purchase of our present home and the never-ceasing helpfulness in the follow-up that you have provided to us in the entire process. You were always available for questions, provided answers in all cases and gave us the most excellent advice at all stages of the sale and purchase. Your knowledge of the housing market and it's smallest details kept us fully aware of what we needed to knwo to make this a successful series of transactions. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we have already recommended you to friends who are contemplating moving. As a person who has moved a large number of times in different parts of the world, I can state without hesitation that working with you has been the best experience I have ever had with a realtor. Keep up the good work............" Martin Kendall and Jean Laird
Adrienne Francis has been a great individual to work with and I fully endorse and recommend her if you are seeking a professional, dedicated, seasoned, efficient and caring realtor in the Somerset Hills, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Morristown and Somerset and Morris County areas. I have had the pleasure of working with Adrienne on a number of real estate transactions. She found us a new home and sold our old home. Additionally, she represented me on the acquisition of a commercial property for business purchases. Adrienne is most efficient, thorough and dedicated. I have found that realtor offices are revolving doors with many taking a quick course, getting a license and trying to sell homes. If there is one thing that you should take away from this review is that you must insist upon dealing with someone with experience, who understands the market, negotiations, the area and you the buyer! Do not just accept who the next "salesman" in line at a real estate office is...look for someone with the qualities I've described. You want an experienced, mature realtor. There is a big difference. In my mind, you will never go wrong with Adrienne, who I completely endorse. Mark Corigliano
"Adrienne was our single greatest asset during the home buying process. It was the peak of the market, and high demand and bidding wars made everything so stressful—we were ready to give up looking. She took the time to really listen to us and understand our needs, and kept a mindful eye on the market. We didn't have to scour the listings because she did it for us. She would tell us about a home as soon as it hit the market, and made herself available to see it when it was convenient for us. She never discouraged us from making an "unrealistic" offer and in addition, never wasted our time seeing homes that didn't meet our expectations. Adrienne is a sophisticated partner and a keen negotiator to have by your side, and knows "tricks of the trade" that prior agents never seemed to suggest. In our case, it won us the house of our dreams. She will never pressure you into buying something that isn't what you want just to "get the sale", she wants you to be happy and will forge a lifelong relationship with you. I trust her completely, and believe her skills as a real estate agent are simply unmatched in this area. She gets my top recommendation and I thank her immensely for her knowledge, her patience and her diligent work in helping us close the deal on our new home." Erika and Gene Desimone
"Peter and I want to thank you for helping us find our way out of New York City and finally into a real home in the suburbs. When I think of all the weekends you showed us around, looking at so many areas, I'm tired again just thinking about it. You are so patient and so understanding of our needs and price limitations. We so appreciate all your hard work. As soon as we are settled in, you are coming for dinner! Look forward to seeing you again......." Peter and Debbie Johnson
"Adrienne took the time to get to know us and understand our needs. She was instrumental in finding a home in the right location for our family. I orignally wanted to be close to my children's school, but Adrienne took the time to find out where my husband worked and where I was planning to start work. Based on this information she showed me homes that made the commute easy for me, my husband, and my kids ! Adrienne was knowledgeable about the area and the buying process, supportive from the first step to the last step, and constantly available to us for any questions, issues and concerns. Over the years we have relocated several times, and Adrienne made the entire process much easier to deal with because we knew she had our best interest at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrienne and I plan to use her for all of our future real estate needs. " Ravitta Bhatia
"I have moved over 6 times to 4 different states. I have worked with many different realitors. Adrienne was wonderful to work with. She responded as soon as possible to calls, texts and emails without stressing me out wondering what was going on. She followed up on issues, with the attorneys and other realitors without my request most of the time. If I asked for something she was there and usually had taken care of it already. I would recommend Adrienne without reservation. Terri Visintainer
"Adrienne was very thorough assisting us with our home search. We moved from the out of state and had a wide area we were searching. Adrienne helped us pinpoint the best towns for our family, and ultimately find a home that suited our needs. She gave us needed recommendations for mortgage lenders, inspectors, and attorneys who were all excellent. She negotiated with the seller to get us the best price, and had wonderful follow through long after we were moved into our home. Our home is a new build and thus required us to establish new services. She helped us find and set up service. Adrienne worked tirelessly and gave us her total attention. I give her the highest recommendation!" Heidi Gordon
"Adrienne was, in a nutshell, fantastic. She brought tremendous local knowledge that helped us decide on the location and finally the home. In addition, she provided a thorough commentary on pros and cons, previous home comparisons, things we'd have to do, etc. She was very empathetic and didn't hesitate to put out her views on what she'd do in my place. Never felt any pressure, only excitement through the whole process. She gave us all the time we needed to become comfortable and confident in our decision-making, and helped every step of the way. When we did decide on the home, she was again our rock through the rest of the process; hand-holding us wherever needed, always available for any questions or concerns, etc. She also was ready with referrals for everything - including attorney, home inspector, etc - all of whom we found just to be like Adrienne - knowledgeable, experienced, extremely patient and out-of-the-way helpful. We now see her as a friend more than our realtor. Looking forward to continue our relationship long after settling into our new home. I would recommend her without hesitation." Praveen Atreya
"Adrienne successfully helped us selling our house in Morristown. We found her to be very experienced and hard-working and she kept our best interest in mind. In our case, we had relocated to a different state and Adrienne had to put in extra efforts in marketing the house and communicate with us remotely. She did it with lots of patience and was very effective. She also did a marvelous job working with the relocation company and made the process smooth and seamless. We would highly recommend Adrienne to anyone!" Mike He
"Adrienne is a top notch first class realtor. She has now helped me purchase two houses and a set up a rental property. Adrienne does her homework up front and is a the perfect advocate for her client. In both home purchases she was a great advisor, pointing out things we would have never considered." Alex, Flanders
"Adrienne was great to work with in the purchase of our new home. She was always available when needed and very responsive. She had a good sense of the neighborhood. Highly recommend!" David Monahan
"Adrienne assisted in the purchase of our first home! It was a seamless transaction. She was a fantastic advocate on our behalf. She asked the sellers important questions and pointed out issues/concerns she had with the home. Aside from her taste being impeccable, she was consistently available to both my husband and I to answer our questions and hear our concerns. After the purchase finalized, she was also able to offer recommendations to us for local professionals which was extremely helpful." Robin Magrath
"We were fortunate enough to have Adrienne be recommended to us by Zillow for the purchase of our current home. This in turn led to her also being the sales agent of our most recent home. She was able to juggle both sales for us with care and detail . Our home sold in one day with multiple offers over asking. This was largely due to her smart marketing techniques including amazing photographs and a stand out take away brochure. The purchase of our new home had some obstacles which Adrienne helped us navigate to the ultimate goal of obtaining our new home." Bob Martin
"Adrienne Francis was professionally courteous in her handling of our home sale. My wife and I had not sold a home in some 43+ years and were woefully unprepared for the requirements of current home sales. She educated us in a kind and understanding way, cheerfully putting up with our "needs". Her decluttering directions, staging advice and negotiation assistance were invaluable. Because of these factors we were able to realize a sale price that was more than satisfactory." Ray Fisher
Adrienne was a great help to us in finding our home. She is very knowledgeable on the area, responsive, accommodated to our schedule, and knew exactly what we were "looking for. I would highly recommend her." Derek Williams


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